Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long ago we fought
we fought each other
we fought everybody else
long ago you needed me
you missed me
ached to be close to me
thought I was beautiful
inside and out
long ago, we were in love
so long ago
these days.....
I wander transparent
hoping you will glance my way
ignite my colours
save me from drought
instead I am shelf bound and
dusty waiting to be
noticed explored and adored
waiting for you......
then my mind becomes clear
I see while i'm waiting
on you to love me
I am losing
I am forgetting to love
adore and honor myself
I am forgetting I am enough
I cannot expect the job
I must do, to be performed by you
if you do love me, you'll come back
and if you don't, i'll be ok
because I am enough
I was....I am....I will be

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If loving you is wrong,
I don't ever wanna be right.
If loving you means my last living day,
I will die and embrace the darkness of
the night.

If loving you means facing hate,
I don't want anyone's love.
If loving you means by imprisonment,
I don't wanna fly like a dove.

If loving you means no more happiness,
I will lovingly embrace any sorrow.
If loving you means death forever and
your love for today,
Then I don't' wanna live tomorrow.

If loving you means being apart from
Then I don't want to go on in life
If loving you means giving you my last

Then boy I've succeeded cuz you take
my breath away
In the darkness of the shadows,
Lies my soul,
Looking inside me,
There’s only a hole.
Numbing my mind,
Killing my soul.
The screams in my head,
The tears I’ve shed.
The words I’ve said,
Are left unread.
My scary dreams;
The cause of my frightened screams.
Your indignant yell
Is making me rebel.
And my rebellion has a cause,
But you’re too busy noticing my flaws.
The feeling I’ve felt inside,
Is the one I’m always going to hide.
The silent anger,
Within me it resides.
Under the stars,
Beside the waves,
Hold me babe,
And sing to me.

Take my hand and never let go.
Hug me tight and bring me close.
Cuz in your arms
Is where I belong.

Under the stars,
Beside the waves,
Lets dance to no music,
And sway to our own beat.

Take my hand and never let go,
Hug me tight and bring me close.
Cuz in your arms,
Is where I belong.

Under the stars,
Beside the waves,
The feeling of your strong embrace,
Feels just too good to be true.

Take my hand and never let go.
Hug me tight and bring me close.
Cuz in your arms,
Is where I belong.

In your arms is where I’m secure.
In your arms I feel loved.
Babe I have so much love to give,
Are u ready to embrace it?
Please hug me tight and bring me me close,
And don’t ever let go.
Cuz in your arms,
Is where I belong.
Silent tears soaking my pillow,
Blood stains on the floor;
Darkness swallowing me,
Im pushed forward to an unforgiving door.

My silence hides your dirty sins,
No matter what,
Injustice always wins.

Horrible memories eroding my mind,
This world seems to have gone blind.
Cannot see within this dark child,
What’d unravel is truly wild.

In my path lie a million thorns,
Hurt my body with a billion pricks.
Why doesn’t anyone speak out?
This world plays its dirty tricks.

Why can’t I numb the pain?
Why must I feel it
Over and over again?
I try to forget,
But in vain.

Hate me,
Hit me,
Slap me,
Kill me.
This souls doesn’t wish to live.

Bleeding and crying,
Silently every night,
Dear Lord,
This child hopes for demise.

Give her sense,
Make her wise,
Rid her hopes of
A bleeding demise.

Ease her grief,
Make her smile.
Your little child hopes for
A better life.
I see, you walking down the street
I see, you laughing and mourning
I see, you struggling between desire and fate
I see, you constantly avoiding me

I still talk to you, don’t you see
I still admire you, it’s hard to be
Trapped in this web of mediocrity
Soon this spider will eat me

People utter that I still love you
I am trying so hard to undo
Tell me is that true, un-clue?
As I expected, a life brand new

What else is left for me
When its not You..
I swim
Towards an unknown shore
Drawn towards…
The deep sea
I may drown
In the abyss of another world
Unknown to me…
I watch the waves beating the rocks
As it throbs…
In my heart.

Why am I climbing
Onto the steep hills
I know…
I am scared of heights
I look down…
From those deadly curves
The more, I feel dizzy
As the cloud kisses its peaks
It stirs an ache
I realize i may fall.

In the magical desert
As I get lost…
I walk without a destination
In its stormy dune
I heard it is this way…
In love
The oasis…
Seem a mirage
I am enchanted
In its fairy tale.

I float as the cloud
Slowly, maybe softly
As I soar in the sky
I sense a new freedom
As a bird, I glide
I imagine…
My wings could reach…
The moons and stars
As they stare and smile
I have touched my soul.

I open my eyes…
I see him walking…
Away, from me
I pray…
The wind carries him
Back, to me
If only, he could love me.

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