Saturday, March 1, 2008

On a clear, warm and windy night I stood,
By the sea, on the beach, all alone and companionless,
The vow of silence of the night was broken by the waves,
And here I was under the moon and stars, under their lonesome gaze,
I started walking upon the beach sand,
And remembered those evenings when you were with me,
And we walked here together eyes in eyes, hands in hand,
I loved you so much that such love was never seen,
When you smiled that angelic smile and upon my shoulder you leaned,
But that time is past
Presence is in desolate contrast,
A lonely tear drops out of my eye
And falls on the sand with a tiny splash,
My footprints washed away by the sea,
you were the only that ever mattered to me…
I walk on and on,, by the infinite ocean
Head lowered, Shoulders falling, wet eyes and pensive emotions,
Still there are miles to go, the ending is nowhere near.
how will I go on all by my myself?? Without you by my side?
Is the childish question …asked by my tears !



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