Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dreaming about togetherness
i sit and i remember
there was a pleasant time
when you and i were together
you helped me be myself,
you taught me to be good.
i won the losing battle
that i was fighting against myself
your patience got me out of my shell
i learned to have fun
i learned that i love you
and that you love me too
our conversations were effortless,
words were unnecessary
silence was our friend
we needed only each other

then i started searching
beyond you and me
thats when we grew apart
but you still loved me
i made you wait much too long
you moved onto better things
realizing my mistake,
i came crawling back to you.
you forgave my idiocy
but made it very clear
that now there was obviously
a growing space between us.
we'd never go back to what we were
at least not for a while.
i told you that i love you
you said you loved me too
but just like you loved your friends,
and that there was nothing more to it.
i said i understood
that you were right this time
i pretended to accept your decision
but deep inside i cried
each time i heard your voice,
a million times i died.



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