Thursday, May 28, 2009

Somewhere, a declaration of eternal mourning
Is emphasized by timeless tears,
Insolent drops of burning heartache.

Surreal screams of deep despair
Echo into the seamless skies,
Into calm nights of acceptance.

Twisted bitterness takes a turn
At resonating memories,
At dreaming of subtle glee

And then with a final twinge of pain
Tears, dreams and screams fade away
Into eventual unavoidable silence.


mehtaz said...

Hey hi,

sorry for barging in like this but I can't pull myself away from this piece of poetic literature.

Excellent writing I must say.

I hope you would be interested in reading mine.

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

Theres nothing on your blog to read :/

mehtaz said...

"veils of winter sorrow melting wilt at her eternal embrace"

The winter sun sets in basking the forzen lands of its unflinching might/
an orchard wilts at the heartless plunge/
drifting pollens- emphemeral desires racing away at the decing hands of oblivion/

Dark mist of Illyias collide as the heavens emanate their frozen hearts/
glintening under the fading sun/
the children of Elluses descend/
swaying with the whispers of a lost horizon in the far fetched reigns/
the little ones- death appears smiling in the broken mirrors/

The fallen angels ask for how it happened/
those strident tones that revived their dismembered wings/
"Tell me how it happened?', the gate keeper dwells in her flickering echoes/
through and out the candle of eternity, her touch quivers ever so fervently/

Her milky feet resonate through the melting snow/
whiter than the new borns, her silent footsteps submerge apocryphal vaults of despair/
wavering past her scarlet lips/
unnerved within dark crevices of her tender heart, my love unfurls/

deafened by her heavenly flux, unwavering crimson joy/
my moribund wake- overwhelmed by her memoirs of a chosen birth/
the glimmer in her eyes, nightingale's symphony/
brighter than a new born, memoirs of the my ROSE OF SHARYN/

I wrote this some time ago.

what do you think?

mehtaz said...

Listen this is too slow.

I want share a lot of poems and get your critic on them.

Can you add me up if it's not much of a bother

I know, cheeky id. I was a kid then, lol.


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