Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm tired of all this, not just me, my soul as well
life was pretty good before but now it has turned into hell

Reading books used to soothe and delight my mind
now I'm unable to even hold it as if I'm blind

Being out with friends used to be so much fun
now I'm a stranger amid them left alone in the sun

Locked inside my room I'm immersed in your letters
I'm planning to burn them all but my mind deters

Eyes glued to my phone I'm longing to hear your voice
waiting like mad I just can't sleep on this bed of ice

The call never comes but you leave me a small message
which is more of a reminder, reading it I'm amazed

You are doing it to me what others did to you,it seems
I guess that's so human but I'm left with shattered dreams

I think my job is over and its time to take the back seat
but I’ll watch the proceedings closely,even miss a heart beat

I don't blame you coz you had warned me before
its all my fault for standing outside the wrong door

Oh I’m so foolish and wow you are so clever
I hate you now but I would love you forever!



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