Monday, June 8, 2009

I miss the feeling of knowing I have someone
The feeling that there was nothing I couldn’t do
I miss the feeling of happiness
The feeling I had when I was with you

I miss the times when we smiled
When your hand was enclosed tight around mine
I miss the times when you made me laugh
I miss the slow, beautiful everlasting time

And now that you are gone far away
I remember the memories we made
And now that you have forgotten me
The laughter and smiles slowly fade

Your words haunt me nowadays,
Your love forsakes my heart.
Your blood falls from my hand
And the nightmares begin to start

My tears stain the memories
My pain consumes my soul
My happiness slowly drowns
As my fears swallow me whole

My will to live deteriorates
My belief in love fails
I lose myself eternally
As my spirit inside wails

I miss the feeling of happiness…
What is that, pray tell?
I miss the feeling of loving you
Will I ever feel that in Hell?



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