Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Silent tears soaking my pillow,
Blood stains on the floor;
Darkness swallowing me,
Im pushed forward to an unforgiving door.

My silence hides your dirty sins,
No matter what,
Injustice always wins.

Horrible memories eroding my mind,
This world seems to have gone blind.
Cannot see within this dark child,
What’d unravel is truly wild.

In my path lie a million thorns,
Hurt my body with a billion pricks.
Why doesn’t anyone speak out?
This world plays its dirty tricks.

Why can’t I numb the pain?
Why must I feel it
Over and over again?
I try to forget,
But in vain.

Hate me,
Hit me,
Slap me,
Kill me.
This souls doesn’t wish to live.

Bleeding and crying,
Silently every night,
Dear Lord,
This child hopes for demise.

Give her sense,
Make her wise,
Rid her hopes of
A bleeding demise.

Ease her grief,
Make her smile.
Your little child hopes for
A better life.


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I loved this one!!


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