Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I swim
Towards an unknown shore
Drawn towards…
The deep sea
I may drown
In the abyss of another world
Unknown to me…
I watch the waves beating the rocks
As it throbs…
In my heart.

Why am I climbing
Onto the steep hills
I know…
I am scared of heights
I look down…
From those deadly curves
The more, I feel dizzy
As the cloud kisses its peaks
It stirs an ache
I realize i may fall.

In the magical desert
As I get lost…
I walk without a destination
In its stormy dune
I heard it is this way…
In love
The oasis…
Seem a mirage
I am enchanted
In its fairy tale.

I float as the cloud
Slowly, maybe softly
As I soar in the sky
I sense a new freedom
As a bird, I glide
I imagine…
My wings could reach…
The moons and stars
As they stare and smile
I have touched my soul.

I open my eyes…
I see him walking…
Away, from me
I pray…
The wind carries him
Back, to me
If only, he could love me.



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