Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long ago we fought
we fought each other
we fought everybody else
long ago you needed me
you missed me
ached to be close to me
thought I was beautiful
inside and out
long ago, we were in love
so long ago
these days.....
I wander transparent
hoping you will glance my way
ignite my colours
save me from drought
instead I am shelf bound and
dusty waiting to be
noticed explored and adored
waiting for you......
then my mind becomes clear
I see while i'm waiting
on you to love me
I am losing
I am forgetting to love
adore and honor myself
I am forgetting I am enough
I cannot expect the job
I must do, to be performed by you
if you do love me, you'll come back
and if you don't, i'll be ok
because I am enough
I was....I am....I will be

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